Savix - automated gas-free staking

Where does the SVX token value come from ?

There are two main use cases of the SVX token which are independent from each other and can therefore be combined:

  1. Savix self-staking protocol yields rewards directly to holders wallets free of gas / fees.
  2. Savix as a DeFi collateral coin to compound it with other Third-Party DeFi products.

It is the independence of the two characteristics mentioned that allow the feature of simultaneously combining multiple streams of income.

Directly after the start of SVX token trading there won’t be many partnerships with DeFi project established yet. Therefore the range of DeFi projects Savix holders can use with SVX tokens as collateral will be small in the first project stages and not existing in the very beginning. On the other hand the Savix staking mechanics are designed that staking rewards will be highest during these early project stages. In this situation Savix’ value has to be created by network effects, specifically by steadily growing Savix’ user base. For this reason marketing will play a central part in the first project stages of Savix.

While the height of staking rewards will slowly be reduced by time, the amount of partnerships with DeFi projects, for which SVX tokens can be used as collateral, will increase steadily as well as the the functionalities of the Savix DeFi dashboard will. The more the feature of easy-to-use DeFi functions becomes the main motivation for holding Savix tokens the less important the height of Savix’ staking rewards will be and the lower the token’s inflation rate can drop. Staking interest will transform from being the main incentive for holding Savix tokens to a comfortable side effect that can be used for risk balancing when investing into DeFi.

This way Savix will transform itself from being a specialized staking token into a generalized DeFi collateral coin with a vivid ecosystem of partner projects in the long run.

The Savix DeFi dashboard will make our mission statement come true to enable ”Easy DeFi For Everyone”.

The Savix project aims at making decentralized finance products available to non-tech-savvy users. The Savix token enables gas-free automatic staking rewards.