The Road To Smart DeFi For Everyone

Savix Dashboard As Heart And Brain Of Savix

Savix can be your crypto currency for use for payments and usage as collateral in all kinds DeFi services. Since those services can be offered by anyone acception Savix as payment token, there are no dependencies or limitations for future developments.

Different aspects of DeFi united in Savix dashboard

Savix Trinary Optimizing Uniswap Liquidity Providing

Savix Trinary will be an application applying these guidelines in order to optimize profits investors can get by participating in Uniswap liquidity pools.

Simplicity At Its Best — Savix One-Click-Gui

The Savix Token

The Savix (SVX) token has got a double function within the Savix ecosystem:

Climbing The Olympic Step-By-Step : Savix Roadmap

As often in life the way to reach the goals outlined here is a long one. Nevertheless, the path is well-known and we are on our way, having achieved several milestones already.

Savix Development Roadmap

Q2 2021 📅
🡆 Awareness campaign
🡆 Partnership preparations

Further Reading

For basics on decentralized finance:



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Savix - automated gas-free staking

Savix - automated gas-free staking

The Savix project aims at making decentralized finance products available to non-tech-savvy users. The Savix token enables gas-free automatic staking rewards.