Savix Staking Rewards — An Example Calculation

The chronologically fixed supply curve enables exact prediction of staking rewards for any point in time. This absolute transparency leads to the fact that no special stimuli for token dumps arise at any specific moments. This is one important difference to traditional pool based staking methods.

The total supply is recalculated with each token transfer executed by the smart contract. This way the staking mechanism gets by without any external triggers. All Savix balances will grow up to 3 times of the initial investment during the first 5 years.

To set some buying and holding incentives kick-starting the ecosystem early investors are rewarded with daily interest rates of more than 2% within the first days after the staking starts. If you start with an investment of 100 Savix (SVX) you acquire before the staking mechanism is activated (directly after Uniswap trading has begun), you can expect rewards according to the table as follows:

In the first year you will earn 85% APY if you start on day 1!
100 Savix will turn to become 185 SVX.

Savix staking let`s you know what to expect. This is the answer to traditional savings accounts with the world of DeFi. And don‘t forget that meanwhile, your tokens remain unlocked to give you the opportunity for additional streams of passive income.