Savix Investor Information

Vision and Use Case

Savix’ main objective is to open a way to profit as easily as possible from new opportunities created by decentralized finance with as less barriers as possible. Savix can be your colateral for DeFi while keeping full flexibility of token usage.

Unique Investment Proposition

➠ 85% balance increase in the first year

Token Value And ROI

Savix staking mechanics are designed so that the supply increase will be highest during the early project stages. While the height of this increase rewards will slowly be reduces by time the amount of partnerships with DeFi projects, for which SVX tokens can be used as collateral, will increase as well as the functionalities of the Savix DeFi dashboard will. The more time since Savix trading started will have passed the more of Savix tokens’ value will come from its ability serve as a payment and colateral currency for easy usage of DeFi products.

Token Akquisition

Savix tokens (SVX) can be obtained in three ways:

Token Distribution & Budget Allocation

Savix is privately funded and already shows a working product with externally audited smart contracts. All contributions will be used for future development, marketing and partnerships. Unsold tokens will be moved to the ecosystem fund (see below).

Budget Allocation

➠18% Uniswap Liquidity
➠7% Ecosystem Fund
➠40% Further Development
➠20% Marketing
➠15% Reserve

Liquidity Pool

Shortly after the presale we will list Savix on Uniswap for public trading.

Ecosystem Fund

An Ecosystem Fund in SVX and ETH will be maintained. This Fund will be used to incentivize long-term holding of Savix through various ways, for instance contests among holders, to engage influencers and to support partnerships with other DeFi projects . The fund will start with 7% of the total Savix supply and 7% of the amount of Ethereum raised in the presale.

Presale Procedure

The public presale will be carried out in three phases (see Tocenomics above):

Market Perspective:

The target group of ordinary DeFi users including beginners, not only technically experienced, combined with a very easy-to-use product opens up a very large market for potential future growth.



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Savix - automated gas-free staking

The Savix project aims at making decentralized finance products available to non-tech-savvy users. The Savix token enables gas-free automatic staking rewards.