May 2021 — Notes on Savix Development and Strategy

1) BSC or other chains

We are regularly checking options. Bridging is one option, switching the token to another network as well. BUT: We will only do anything in this direction if we actually see real profit for Savix holders! We will not do anything just out of actionism or because there is so much hype at BSC or because some Savix holders request it in our channel. Priority for us will always be the potential long-term profit for you, the savix holders. Your profit is Savix’ success is our profit.

2) Current partnerships: SWFT

We are close to releasing the direct swap option at our homepage. You will be able to swap cross chain there, like swapping BTC, XLM and many more for SVX. The devs of SWFT are located in China and they have public holidays last week. They still did not manage to finally release the swap function for Savix. Nevertheless , our web GUI is close to be finished and we hope that next week we will be able to start swapping.

3) Current partnerships: BiP

Our partner BiP seems to experience serious problems. We apologize the delay in communication about this. But the situation has been confusing to us as well. We received the information that the developer of the BiP trading bot got ill with Corona. The BIP bots is working, but seems to be in deficit. We actually don’t have any idea if this partnership will lead to any benefit for Savix holders at all. If the developer in charge of the bot would not return to the project we actually see the BiP project in danger as such.
Because of this situation we have not pubished any top holder list for BiP rewards yet, since we don’t want to fuel false expectations.

4) Trinary

Technically we are on track with Trinary for development. At the same time we have to take into account several circumstances we could not forsee and which are important to consider in order to make Trinary profitable. This results in some challenges, we have to pass:

5) Exchanges

All our experience with centralized exchanges cannot fulfill the expectations or hopes we originally had. Neither do we recognize any significant increase of holders due to exchange listings nor can we see any marketing effects of significance. This accounts to all exchanges Savix has been listed so far.

6) Marketing

In the next weeks we plan the following marketing activities.
- Banners and Ads
- Promotion at Hotbit’s social channels, Twitter and global communities, AMA, perhabs trading competition
- Project review, YT-Video, Facebook groups, mailing

7) General Mid-Term Strategy

All of the above has impact on our mid-term strategy. We try to analyze all those aspects in order to create a positive mid-term vision for Savix. We understand well, that directly after our fulminant Unicrypt launch some mistakes had been done concerning our group moderation which most likely have cost us the good price dynamics we had at the very beginning.

8) Final Words:

If we, the founders, appear to be silent for a while, this will never be a sign of missing interest or disregard for you, our Savix community. All of you are important to us and Savix is a matter close to our hearts. Since our core team is quite small we sometimes need time to figure things out and test things out. You will always have our mods here in the channel being able to connect you with us. The founders just cannot be present in the chats all the time, since we often have to focus on technically or strategically more essential tasks.



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