Introducing -

A perfect collateral for DeFi

With Savix a virtual currency is now available for the first time, which gives the opportunity to profit from staking rewards while keeping token unlocked and liquid, freely available for use in any DeFi product at the same time.

The Vision

Our main objective is to let users profit as much as possible from new investment opportunities created by decentralized finance with as less barriers as possible. Staking works fully automated while keeping full flexibility of token usage. Using Savix multiple income streams can be combined.

We believe, Savix is a good collateral for decentralized finance because, it is

1. Multi-Beneficiary, enabling multiple simultaneous profit opportunities

2. Convenient, 100% passive with no need for user decisions or interactions

3. Flexible, being compatible with any Ethereum based DeFi project

4. Fair, adjusting balances “non-dilutively”, not preferring big holdings

5. Transparent, open-source, unambiguous and not manipulable supply

6. Stable, not creating selling incentives after locking periods

Future plans

We intend to integrate as many DeFi investment opportunities as possible in an easy-to-use decentralized online application (dapp)*. In our opinion, profiting from new ways of investments by decentralized finance should not stay reserved for users particularly tech-savvy.

Savix “Trinary” will be the first element of this Dapp offering:

• ETH and Savix through Uniswap liquidity pool fees

• Savix interests by the ERC20 embedded staking protocol

• ETH through proportional shares of the Savix “Trinary” Pool

More investments channels are supposed to follow as soon as appropriate partnerships will be established.