Countdown For Going Live — Preparations For The Public Trading

Only a couple of days from now and Savix will hit public trading. The project will be available for trading at the two classical exchanges Exmarkets and Latoken as well as the decentralized platform Uniswap. For security reasons the creation of Savix’ Uniswap pool will be completely automated by the well-known service platform Unicrypt (see our article “The road ahead ..”).

Another big news for Savix is the recently successfully completed audit by QuilAudits without major issues (see “Savix Audit Finished”)

We consider both of the above mentioned steps to be important milestones for a successful development of Savix. Nevertheless, there are some aspects all Savix holders who participate in the initial presale and/or airdrop campaign should be aware of.

Due to the following reasons the Savix contract had to be redeployed:

• Integration of a burn function
• Requirements to launch a sale on Unicrypt
• External audit

Details on those three aspects can be found at the article “The road ahead ..”.

Current holders of SVX tokens will have to do nothing. The new SVX will be airdropped automatically to the ETH addresses published at google drive right after the creation of the Uniswap pool.

Investors buying tokens at our Unicrypt ILO will get their tokens diretly from the Unicrypt platform at the same day the Uniswap pool will be launched.

All investors who will have bought tokens at an exchange will be able to withdraw their tokens after the end of the running IEOs. We recommend to transfer SVX tokens to any Ethereum compatible wallet as soon as possible.

Token distribution will happen through specialized functions of our smart contract in a much faster way. It will bundle many transfers in a single transaction.

All of the above is scheduled to take place at March 29th or March 30th, the exact date depending on the Uniswap launch which itself depends on the blockchain progression. The Unicrypt platform measures its timing in accordance with blocks published and not ordinary time.

The exact launch of trading at the exchanges depends to a large extend on the internal processes of both exchanges we cooperate with. We have been assured that the start of trading will not be “long after the IEOs end”, though.

What happens if the unicrypt hardcap is reached before the 29th ?

Our IEOs will be stopped immediately and all token distributions will be initiated the same day.



Savix - automated gas-free staking

The Savix project aims at making decentralized finance products available to non-tech-savvy users. The Savix token enables gas-free automatic staking rewards.