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Savix - automated gas-free staking

The last weeks have been very complicated for us, things somehow went topsy-turvey for us. Instead of explaning everything in many small postings in our channel we decided to give you an overview of Savix project development and our next strategical steps here:

1) BSC or other chains

We are regularly checking options. Bridging is one option, switching the token to another network as well. BUT: We will only do anything in this direction if we actually see real profit for Savix holders! We will not do anything just out of actionism or because there is so much hype at BSC or because some Savix…


Our presale has been split into several phases. To start with, a complete overview will be given here:

1.1. Initial Presale

The goal of this sales round was to acquire sufficient seed capital in order to build up the sales structure needed for a successful public presale. Since we decided against any private sale this was the most important sales round for Savix, bringing it all on the way.

At this time Savix has not been externally audited and the project has been completely unknown to the public. Hence we rewarded everybody putting trust in our project at this early stage with an…

This sheet documents all of our SVX transfers.

No sales from us will happen before we can unlock our Team Tokens.


7000 SVX transferred to our ecosystem cold wallet from our Deployer:

283 SVX transferred back to our deployer because it was used for marketing (see “Other Transfers”)


3000 SVX transferred out from our deployer to our bounty cold wallet:

Locked Team Tokens (100 Days):

5000 SVX transferred out from our deployer to Team Finance for Locking:

Only a couple of days from now and Savix will hit public trading. The project will be available for trading at the two classical exchanges Exmarkets and Latoken as well as the decentralized platform Uniswap. For security reasons the creation of Savix’ Uniswap pool will be completely automated by the well-known service platform Unicrypt (see our article “The road ahead ..”).

Another big news for Savix is the recently successfully completed audit by QuilAudits without major issues (see “Savix Audit Finished”)

We consider both of the above mentioned steps to be important milestones for a successful development of Savix. Nevertheless…

We passed our external Audit carried out by Quillhash.

Savix Audit Completed

Quillhash found 5 medium and 3 low severity issues which got all fixed by us. During our second pass, no more open issues could be found.

There are two main use cases of the SVX token which are independent from each other and can therefore be combined:

  1. Savix self-staking protocol yields rewards directly to holders wallets free of gas / fees.
  2. Savix as a DeFi collateral coin to compound it with other Third-Party DeFi products.

It is the independence of the two characteristics mentioned that allow the feature of simultaneously combining multiple streams of income.

Directly after the start of SVX token trading there won’t be many partnerships with DeFi project established yet. Therefore the range of DeFi projects Savix holders can use with SVX tokens…

Savix main objective is to let users profit as much as possible from new investment opportunities created by decentralized finance with as less barriers as feasible. This is the Savix mission.

Therefore we let users combine multiple income streams while keeping full flexibility of token usage. The staking mechanism built into the Savix protocol works without any need for user actions. Users don’t have to lock their tokens and don’t have to claim their rewards since the staking process works completely automated

“Easy DeFi For Everyone”
— savix mission statement

Savix Dashboard As Heart And Brain Of Savix

In order to achieve the goal of Savix’ mission statement…

Savix “Trinary” will be our first Dapp to demonstrate the power of our ERC20 embedded staking protocol. Users receive three distinctive income streams utilizing a single, easy to use DeFi Dapp.

1. Staking rewards

SVX holders earn Savix staking rewards from the embedded staking protocol while tokens get used as liquidity.

The chronologically fixed supply curve enables exact prediction of staking rewards for any point in time. This absolute transparency leads to the fact that no special stimuli for token dumps arise at any specific moments. This is one important difference to traditional pool based staking methods.

The total supply is recalculated with each token transfer executed by the smart contract. This way the staking mechanism gets by without any external triggers. All Savix balances will grow up to 3 times of the initial investment during the first 5 years.

To set some buying and holding incentives kick-starting the ecosystem early…


The initial public presale of SVX tokens started on January 25th 2021 and ended on February 8th 2021.

In total 47 investors participated in the initial presale. A sum of 57,69546061 ETH could be raised in this first presale round. The average transaction fee per contribution has been 0,01135209 ETH or 19,79 USD respectively.

Savix team thanks all initial investors for their trust and engagement at this early project stage. We know very well that a decision to invest into a project in this early stage is often accompanied by doubts and feelings of insecurity.

To take this into account…

Savix - automated gas-free staking

The Savix project aims at making decentralized finance products available to non-tech-savvy users. The Savix token enables gas-free automatic staking rewards.

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